Land of golden beaches

North Cyprus is truly a hidden gem surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. It is also known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus or KKTC in the Turkish language. Northern Cyprus covers around 1,295 square miles which is just over a third of the island of Cyprus. This land is divided into 6 administrative regions, each named for its administrative capital, and total of 18 districts. Officially, Turkish is spoken there, although many people can speak English and some are familiar to Russian and German as well. Northern Cyprus is a great place for those who loves golden beaches, spectacular views, and lush unspoiled landscapes, as it has many places that offer amazing scenery of nature. The country is also known for good weather, which makes it an ideal location for life and vacation. If you have a plan to visit Northern Cyprus, there are two ways to fly. One option is to fly directly into Ercan Airport, known also as Lefkosa (Nicosia) Airport in Northern Cyprus, which means you will need to briefly have a short stop at a Turkish airport on the way. Another option is to fly into Larnaca Airport in the south part of Cyprus.

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Northern Cyprus Districts




Mehmetçik Büyükkonuk



Erenköy Karpaz


Yeni Boğaziçi










Facilities in Northern Cyprus

What makes investment in Northern Cyprus valuable?

Northern Cyprus real estate is a developing market which makes it more valuable for investing. Apart from unique beaches, turquoise water, natural and historical landmarks, which make Northern Cyprus a perfect place for tourists, the price of property and cost of living are far more affordable than many other Mediterranean locations for the same standard. In addition, Northern Cyprus developers offer exclusive services such as high standard and luxury constuction, high quality life oriented amnities, and installment payment. Northern Cyprus real estate market is safe and really promising return investment.