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Buyers Guide

  • Renting a property
  • Purchasing a property
  • Remedial
  • University registration

Yes. It is possible to get Turkish residency by renting a property.

Turkish citizenship is available if you purchase a property in Turkey worth 400,000 USD or more.

  • By purchasing a property valued at at least 400,000 USD.
  • Make a deposit of at least 500,000 USD in a Turkish bank.

75,000 USD in small cities and 50,000 USD in large cities.

Yes. Due to Turkish laws, if you buy a property in Turkey and proof 5-year living there, you can get a permanent residency.

Yes, That is possible for the spouse and children aged under 18.

Northern Cyprus

About 21 working days after sending all the required documents

For the first time, you can apply for an extension for a period of 6 to 1 year and then for a period of 2 years

In order to extend your residence, you must submit the same basic documents as the request for residence at the last day of your current resident permit.

The name of the child must be mentioned in the contract of the purchased property.

You can apply for a permanent residence, after six years of residence through a property purchase. A review of the documents will be conducted by the immigration police first, and then they will be forwarded to the security police and the Ministry of Interior for further review. The process will examined the criminal record, bank account turnover, and not being out of Northern Cyprus for more than 40 days per year.

To get the citizenship of Northern Cyprus, you must prove that you have resided in this country for at least 10 years.

  • Work permit (Çalışma İzni)
  • Residence permit (Oturma İzni)
  • Muhtar certificate (Muhtar belgesi)

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